A leading tax law firm

Advokatfirmaet Harboe & Co AS is an independent law firm that specialises in direct and indirect tax law.

The firm has on several occasions been ranked as one of Norway’s best in the field of tax law. In addition to corporate and personal taxation, the company has specialist expertise in value added tax, real estate tax and petroleum tax. Advokatfirmaet Harboe & Co AS also gives extensive advice on related areas, such as corporate and contract law, inheritance and generational change.

We provide direct advice to private individuals and to companies, ranging from small enterprises to listed companies. We regularly assist in appeal cases and litigation. One of our important tasks is to critically analyse whether the client will benefit from legal proceedings. In addition, we provide i.a. second opinions and conduct due diligence.

At a time when law firms are growing bigger all the time and especially the large auditing companies’ affiliated law firms are playing an increasing role, we see an increasing need for smaller entities that are each specialists in selected legal areas. Within the field of tax law, which is becoming increasingly complex, we are given assignments by the large corporate law and auditing firms to assure the advice they give their clients. Small law firms without tax expertise also make use of our services as they are confident we are experts in our defined areas.

Due to our desire to be a firm specialising in tax law, we do not wish to appear as a relevant provider of general legal services. We do not want to be perceived as a competitor in other, more general, legal areas.

Advokatfirmaet Harboe & Co AS is a relatively small law firm as regards the number of lawyers, but each of us is an expert in our professional areas. Our business strategy is to provide top quality service to a limited number of clients. Our small, efficient organisation means we can provide a high level of professional quality at a competitive price.